How is Color Psychology connected to a brand’s success?

How is Color Psychology connected to a brand’s success?

Color Psychology and branding — a peek into consumer behavior.

So here are a few stats to strengthen the claim:

  1. Colors improve brand recognition by 80%. Yes that much! Consumers will identify a brand usually by its color and logo rather than name. Visual memory is a key player here of course.
  2. About 90% of conversions can be owed to colors! That’s a shocker now isn’t it? Consumers might like a particular color and switch to that brand. I bet as soon as you introduce a shampoo in the color purple it sells faster than the white colored bottle.
  3. It takes about 90 seconds for consumers to jump to conclusions or make judgments about a brand. Research suggests that 90% of these likes/dislikes are based on color.

Branding, colors and emotions — the unbreakable trio

Which color is best for YOUR brand and how can you use it to your advantage?

Spinning the color wheel — color meanings and the role of every color in branding.

Color meanings and how brands use them?

Red: the passionate

Yellow: the vibrant

Blue: the powerful and trustworthy

Green — the nature lover

Orange — the young enthusiast

Purple — the noble blood

Black and white — the leading combo

  • Logos
  • Advertising content
  • Website
  • Stationary
  • Mobile Apps
  • Staff Uniform
  • Product Packaging
  • Store-front

How do you know which brand color is for YOU?

Creating the perfect blend for your brand

Choose 3 colors if possible.



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